A&A Partners


Be of good use Expertise and zeal


The two "A"s of A&A Partners represent assurance services, in which we assure sincere disclosure of our clients' managements, and advisory services, in which we support clients' fair business activities.

In assurance services, which require fair judgment, we always have an independent mind and arm's-length relationship with our clients' management, as a guardian of the securities market.

In advisory services for the support of our clients' growth, we build a mutual relationship of trust with management, maintaining our expertise and zeal like a physician for our clients.

Our spirit is one of maintaining fairness and doing the "right thing" for our partners. Therefore, in principal, in order to retain our independence, we do not provide both assurance services and advisory services to the same client. In relationships with both clients and colleagues, we aim to build partnerships of trust and to grow together.