A&A Partners

Assurance Service

We assure the sincerity of management.

t is possible for the management of a company to win stakeholder's confidence through constant sincere disclosure, whether the company's performance is good or not. It is not the accountants but the management that takes the responsibility for disclosure. In today's complicated global economic environment, strict accountability is required of management. We ask a lot of managements because we want each of our clients to win the confidence of its stakeholders.

We hope to assure the sincerity of the management of a company that acts fairly in the market.

Audit Services

Higher quality is required in the external audit by a CPA due to its social importance. A high-quality audit is a strict audit, and it consists of both the CPA's highly ethical consciousness that is based on independence and the CPA's skill in not overlooking fraud.
In our firm, our partners are dedicated to the business of our firm and our professional staff members essentially work full time so that we maintain high ethical standards.
Additionally, we have introduced an electronic work-paper system to homogenize the assurance level and improve the efficiency of our work, making the best use of our experience.

We provide audit services that assure the sincerity of management, and at the same time we also maintain a strict relationship with management.

(Audit Services)

  • Audits under the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act
  • Audits of internal control of financial reporting under the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act
  • Audits under the Companies Act
  • Audits for IPO preparation
  • Audits of incorporated schools, non-profit organizations, and labor unions
  • Audits of investment partnerships, special-purpose companies, and private finance initiatives
  • Other statutory and voluntary audits